For Sale - Oil on Canvas

These paintings are for sale by the artist. Note that the prices include the frame, but the sizes indicate the size of the canvas or work of art, not the frame. The price also includes all other costs, including shipping within the U.S.A.(only). Contact the artist for additional shipping information, or if you wish to purchase a painting without a frame. If you wish to purchase a painting online using your credit card, please click the "Buy" button on that line.

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Almond Petals in the Wind; 2013Oil on canvas64" x 51"263012,000.00

The Palette after Painting; 2010Oil on canvas48" x 60"222710,000.00

Dusk at Mt. San Angelo; 2009Oil on canvas40" x 30"20697,500.00

Fields & Blue Ridge Mountains at Mt. San Angelo; 2009Oil on canvas30" x 40"20677,000.00

Recalling Poppies; 2008Oil on Canvas40" x 30"18667,000.00

Figs; 2010Oil on canvas30" x 40"22256,500.00

Irises Reaching for Sunlight at l’Abeille; 2014Oil on canvas24" x 30"26886,500.00

Cathedral St. Sauveur in Aix-en-Provence; 2014Oil on canvas24" x 36"27226,500.00

Nude à la Matisse; 2010Oil on canvas24" x 30"21256,500.00

Poppy Field with Cypresses & Cabin; 2013Oil on canvas24" x 36"25756,500.00

Orange Sunrise on Mount Sainte Victoire; 2014Oil on canvas24" x 30"27256,500.00

Silent Music of the Irises; 2011Oil on canvas30" x 24"23046,500.00

Blossoming Almond Tree Orchard at Sunset; 2014Oil on canvas20" x 24"26524,500.00

Cypress Tree Dancing with Poppies in Wind; 2013Oil on canvas24" x 18"25744,500.00

Sunsetting on a Stormy Day in Cassis; 2006Oil on canvas20" x 24"16374,500.00

Irises Welcome Me; 2014Oil on canvas24" x 20"26904,500.00

Garlic and Garlic Pickers; 2013Oil on canvas18" x 24"26214,500.00

Sunset at la Souvenance Hilltop; 2014Oil on canvas18" x 24"27184,500.00

Wild Gladioli under Spanish Moss; 2009Oil on canvas24" x 20"20184,500.00

Field of Sunflowers in the Wind; 2014Oil on canvas20" x 24"27084,500.00

Golden Sunrise on Mt. Ste. Victoire; 2014Oil on canvas20" x 24"27234,500.00

Golden Summer; 2010Oil on canvas24" x 20"22244,500.00

In the Balcony at the Opera; 2013Oil on canvas26" x 20"26074,500.00

Sweet Briar Pond in Autumn Light; 2009Oil on canvas20" x 24"20724,500.00

Almond Blossoms in the Wind; 2013Oil on canvas18" x 24"25434,000.00

Maison Maria; 2012Oil on canvas20" x 24"24694,000.00

Sunset at Port Miou; 2009Oil on canvas24" x 24"19674,000.00

Olive Trees & Red Earth in the Mistral; 2014Oil on canvas18" x 24"26823,800.00

Olive Tree Dancing in the Wind; 2014Oil on canvas16" x 20"27293,500.00

Oak Tree at Sun Rise; 2014Oil on canvas24" x 12"26653,500.00

Flowering Almond Trees & Cypress Trees; 2009Oil on canvas20" x 16"19603,500.00

Fruit & Flowers à Table for Breakfast; 2014Oil on canvas16" x 20"26763,500.00

Candler House at Cumberland Island; 2014Oil on canvas16" x 20"27053,500.00

Sunrise under Old Oak at Spring Island; 2009Oil on canvas16" x 20"20193,500.00

Pruning the Vineyard in February; 2008Oil on canvas14" x 18"18303,500.00

Bridge at St. Pons & Hanging Branches; 2014Oil on canvas16" x 20"27263,500.00

Orange Sun Rising in the Mist of Ste. Victoire; 2014Oil on canvas16" x 20"27283,500.00

One with his Bass; 2011Oil on canvas20" x 16"23413,500.00

Sailing at Cap Canaille; 2013Oil on canvas16" x 20"25353,500.00

Flowering Almond Trees at Provençal Bastide; 2012Oil on canvas16" x 20"24553,500.00

Mt. Ste. Victoire - Sunrise at Mallouesse; 2013Oil on canvas15" x 22"26093,000.00

Red Pitcher, Apple, Orchid & Teapot on Stripes; 2008Oil on canvas16" x 20"18283,000.00

Cathedral St. Sauveur & Birds in Aix; 2014Oil on canvas18" x 15"26533,000.00

Sun Rising on Mallouessse; 2014Oil on canvas20" x 16"26643,000.00

St. Jean de Malte Bell Tower; 2014Oil on canvas20" x 16"26543,000.00

Picasso’s Château de Vauvenargues; 2014Oil on canvas14" x 18"26462,800.00

Mt. Ste. Victoire Vu de Chemin des Lauves; July, 201Oil on canvas15" x 18"25982,800.00

Hillside of Mallouesse at Sunset; 2014Oil on canvas13" x 16"26392,800.00

Château Noir from Hillside of Pines; 2011Oil on canvas18" x 14"24662,800.00

Bouquet of Gerber Daisies in Yellow Vase; 2013Oil on canvas18" x 14"25312,800.00

Pansies in Pot on Blue; 2013Oil on canvas12" x 16"25632,500.00

Two Carrelets Fish on Blue; 2005Oil on canvas14" x 18"11212,500.00

Sunset at Mt. San Angelo; 2009Oil on canvas16" x 12"20782,500.00

Spring Rain & Wind in the Poppy Fields; 2014Oil on canvas12" x 16"26942,500.00

Boats at Port de Cassis; 2014Oil on canvas16" x 12"26812,500.00

Mixed Bouquet in White Pitcher on Pink; 2013Oil on canvas16" x 12"26312,200.00

Golden Morning in Venice; 2008Oil on canvas11" x 14"19342,000.00

Virginia House from under the Cedar; 2009Oil on canvas12" x 16"20812,000.00

Sunrise on Mt. Ste. Victoire; 2014Oil on canvas13.5" x 9.5"26972,000.00

Red Leaf in the Forest; 2009Oil on canvas12" x 16"20832,000.00

Sunset in the Mistral at La Souvenance; 2014Oil on canvas12" x 9"26841,800.00

Market Day in Aix; 2014Oil on canvas10" x 8"26571,800.00