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If any contemporary local artist holds a special place in the Cézanne landscape, it is certainly Jill Steenhuis. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Jill has been living and painting in Provence since 1980. Today, Jill continues to paint daily, either “en plein air” or in the light-filled studio of her country home, capturing the essence of Provence with her own personal poetry.

"For Jill, the echoes of Van Gogh and Cézanne are alive today and she translates these reverberations into her own sumptuously painted landscapes—loaded with fiery and vivid colors freely painted and infused with her own love of the Provençal sun."
Michael E. Shapiro
Director of the High Museum Atlanta, Georgia

40 Years in France Legacy Gallery

Due to its wonderful success, the Jill Steenhuis Legacy Gallery will reopen today, June 23rd at 10:00am EST, with a new selection of 40 oil paintings.

The conditions of the initial sale will apply. All works in the collection will be sold at a reduced price of 50% off the initial value. Jill will continue to make donations to the Hope and Healing Center & Institute of Houston, TX, and hopes that you will join her.

Recent Artworks —

Jill Steenhuis is an American-born French Impressionistic painter based in the South of France. Specializing in oil painting, lithography and watercolor, Jill captures the essence of Provence with her own personal poetry and vibrant energy.
“In my painting, the catalyst is nature. Through the act of painting, my soul engages in a dialogue”.

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You'll love her book!

This stunning coffee-table book features 166 pages of Jill’s artwork, illustrations and texts. The perfect gift for any art lover!

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“Painting the Invisible” is a documentary film that follows Jill Steenhuis as she navigates the landscapes of Provence in search of inspiration for her creative practice. Shot by her son, James Ruffato, over the course of three years, the film gives intimate glimpses into the world of Jill’s prolific, creative, spiritual energy.

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