Bastille Day

To celebrate the French national holiday, I am reflecting on the notion of fraternité or brotherhood/sisterhood. This year, I have felt this words’ significance in a poignant and profound way, and am compelled to reflect on one of my earliest memories of community.

As a child and young adult, I spent my summers going to camp on Lookout Mountain, where I learned about love and belonging through nature and through the spirits of my fellow campers. I wholeheartedly believe in summer camp as an opportunity for children to gain independence and self-confidence, experience belonging, develop relationships and establish values that will last a lifetime.

The mission of the American Camp Association is to « enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through the camp experience ». Through the ACA, camps like Alpine, where my sons spent their summers, and Desoto, where my mother, sisters and I spent ours, can continue to provide enriching summer experiences for generations to come.

This summer, I am planning an online event to show my support for the ACA and summer camps, and I am going to need your help!

So, stay tuned and check my website on Bastille Day – Wednesday, July 14th for more on this exciting event!

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