Supplies List

Jill Steenhuis Oil Painting Supplies List —

Tubes of oil paint
(Jill uses Rembrandt paints)
– Mixed White: Titanium & Zinc White (150 ml)
– Quinacridone/Permanent Rose/Alizarin Crimson (40 ml)
– Ultramarine Deep (40 ml)
– Cobalt Blue Deep (40 ml)
– Manganese Blue (40 ml)
– Prussian Blue (40 ml)
– Paul Veronese Green/ Emerald Green (40 ml)
– Cadmium Lemon Yellow (40 ml)
– Naples Yellow Light (40 ml)
– Naples Yellow Deep (40 ml)
– Cadmium Yellow Deep (40 ml)
– Raw Sienna (40 ml)
– Cadmium Orange (40 ml)
– Cadmium Red Medium (40 ml)

Palette – Jill’s custom-made palette (18″ x 24″) is made with white PVC, and is available for loan or purchase during in-person workshops.

Easel – sturdy, plein-air or outdoor portable

Canvases – suggested dimensions – 8×10, 12×16, 16×20

Folding seat for sitting/putting brushes while painting

Paint brushes – 3 or 4 different sizes minimum (small round pointed, medium size flat, large flat)

Tube for holding paint brushes

Palette knife – thin, not too long & not plastic (stainless steel is best).

Nickel-plated palette cup with lid for medium (largest size, not double-attached)

Poppy Seed Oil (100 ml)

Turpentine or Gamsol

Basket/sturdy bag to hold and carry supplies

Tupperware box with lid (approx. 10″L x 6″W x 4″H)

12 oz. glass jars/jelly jars (x2)



Box of tissues

Paper Towels

Plastic trash bag with handles (grocery bag)

Surgical gloves (size is important – gloves should be a snug fit)


For Jill’s full supply list, visit her Instructor Page on the Jerry’s Artarama website.

Provence workshops

All supplies are provided.

US workshops

Please bring the following (other supplies provided)

– Easel (sturdy outdoor)
– Folding seat (optional)
– Basket/sturdy bag for supplies
– Tupperware box for storing paint
– 12 oz jelly jars (x2)

– Pencil & sketch pad
– Tissues or papertowels
– Plastic grocery bag with handles
– Paintbrushes & palette knife (optional)
– Surgical gloves (snug fit)

Online workshops

Supplies are not provided.

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