Supplies List

Jill Steenhuis Oil Painting Supplies List —

Tubes of oil paint
(Jill uses Rembrandt paints)
– Mixed White: Titanium & Zinc White (150 ml)
– Quinacridone/Permanent Rose/Alizarin Crimson (40 ml)
– Ultramarine Deep (40 ml)
– Cobalt Blue Deep (40 ml)
– Manganese Blue (40 ml)
– Prussian Blue (40 ml)
– Paul Veronese Green/ Emerald Green (40 ml)
– Cadmium Lemon Yellow (40 ml)
– Naples Yellow Light (40 ml)
– Naples Yellow Deep (40 ml)
– Cadmium Yellow Deep (40 ml)
– Raw Sienna (40 ml)
– Cadmium Orange (40 ml)
– Cadmium Red Medium (40 ml)

Palette – Jill’s custom-made palette (18″ x 24″) is made with white PVC, and is available for loan or purchase during in-person workshops.

Easel – sturdy, plein-air or outdoor portable

Canvases – suggested dimensions – 8×10, 12×16, 16×20

Folding seat for sitting/putting brushes while painting

Paint brushes – 3 or 4 different sizes minimum (small round pointed, medium size flat, large flat)

Tube for holding paint brushes

Palette knife – thin, not too long & not plastic (stainless steel is best).

Nickel-plated palette cup with lid for medium (largest size, not double-attached)

Poppy Seed Oil (100 ml)

Turpentine or Gamsol

Basket/sturdy bag to hold and carry supplies

Tupperware box with lid (approx. 10″L x 6″W x 4″H)

12 oz. glass jars/jelly jars (x2)



Box of tissues

Paper Towels

Plastic trash bag with handles (grocery bag)

Surgical gloves (size is important – gloves should be a snug fit)


For Jill’s full supply list, visit her Instructor Page on the Jerry’s Artarama website.

Provence workshops

All supplies are provided.

US workshops

The following supplies are provided:

– Palettes
– Paints
– Palette knives
– Poppyseed oil
– Palette cup
– Gamsol/Turpentine
– Cling-wrap
– Paper towels
– Canvases
– Surgical gloves

Online workshops

Supplies are not provided.

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