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Discover the magic of painting in the French Provençal countryside during a week-long oil painting workshop. Designed for both confirmed painters and beginners, Jill’s workshops focus on experiencing nature through the senses, allowing each participant to bring out his own inner poetry. Students are encouraged to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel nature, which results in an artistic expression that speaks of the mystery of the experience. Cézanne said, “Art exists…art must make us taste the eternal.”

Jill also conducts two 2-day workshops in the U.S. (see the Exhibits page for more information). Note that other workshop dates can be scheduled if there is enough interest from participants.

Workshop Dates
May 18 – 26, 2018
July 20 – 28, 2018
September 7 – 15, 2018

Workshop Price : $2,700.00

for the workshop and any entry fees to see the Cezanne studio and Van Gogh’s bedroom, etc.


All Inclusive Package : $4,200.00

Price includes 8 night’s accommodations, ground transportation, art supplies and at least one meal a day.

The workshop begins with learning to mix a harmonious palette at l’Abeille, Jill’s studio and home, the workshop’s headquarters for the week. After warming up with a few drawing exercises, each participant will create a studio painting after a Cézanne or a Van Gogh landscape, to become familiar with the colors and light of Provence. For the rest of the week, participants will draw and paint from nature alongside Jill in “plein air”, striving to recapture the free, uncalculated, creative spirit of childhood.

Standing in fields of wheat, sunflowers or lavender of Provençe, in the fishing village of Cassis or in the flower markets of Aix, participants celebrate nature with color. The exhilarating joy of painting here, creating directly from life, the sublime fragile beauty and translucent light of Provence, will make this an unforgettable experience.

More than one can imagine, impressions and feelings begin to materialize on the canvas and in the artist’s heart — the stillness of the morning, mist rising from the water. Brush strokes go on the canvas. Immediacy is the key to letting go and ignoring intellect to let the paint fly onto the canvas without thinking and calculating, allowing Grace to happen. Each participant will be followed in his work, receiving valuable guidance in the creative process with individual critiques. It will be an intensive, fun and rewarding week of painting.

Note: Out of a great passion for Cézanne and Van Gogh and after teaching painting and drawing at the American University in Aix for 10 years, Jill has become a specialist concerning these two artists. If you have a special interest in delving into a deeper understanding of one of these artists, by painting on the very sites where they painted, please let Jill know.

Friday – Arrival
Students are met upon their arrival and taken to their lodgings.
Evening: free.

Saturday – Get your Bearings & Group Welcome Dinner
Morning: Walking tour of Aix and its’ open-air market.
Afternoon: Visit Cézanne’s studio.
Evening: Welcome Dinner at Campagne l’Abeille

Sunday – Painting Begins
Morning: The study of color. Learning to mix a palette, followed by drawing exercises.
Lunch: Traditional Provençal fare at Jill’s studio.
Afternoon: Demo painting by Jill, followed by your own painting.

Monday – Plein Air Painting
Morning:Landscape painting en plein-air.
Afternoon: Free. Optional landscape painting at Montagne Sainte Victoire.

Tuesday – The Mediterranean
Morning: Painting session in Cassis (small port town on the Mediterranean).
Lunch: in Cassis.
Afternoon: Continued painting session in Cassis.

Wednesday – Painting in Senanque, Bonnieux, Arles or Aix 
Adapted according to season and/or group preference:
Spring/Summer – Visit Senanque and Bonnieux – painting in the lavendar and poppy fields.

Fall/Winter trip to Arles to paint Van Gogh’s motifs on the Rhone River or follow in the footsteps of Cézanne with a painting session at Château Noir and the Sainte Victoire mountain in the afternoon.

Thursday – Flower Market & Sunset Painting
Morning: Painting session in the Aix Flower Market.
Lunch: in Aix.
Afternoon: Free.
Evening: Early dinner sunset painting (optional).

Friday – Still Life or Garden Scene Painting, Individual Critiques, Exhibit, & Reception
Morning: Still life or garden scene at Jill’s studio. Individual critiques.
Afternoon: Hang paintings for exhibit.
Evening: Exhibit, cocktail reception/dinner.

Note:  Everyday participants will be picked up at their lodgings at 8:30am and be returned at around 6:00pm.

Travel and Accommodations

Accommodations in a centrally located one-bedroom apartment, as well as ground transportation, are included in the workshop cost.

For assistance in planning your travel to France, Jill invites you to contact her friend and colleague Elizabeth New Seitz of French Affaires, www.frenchaffaires.com.  A long-time specialist in French language and culture, Elizabeth has wonderful recommendations for organizing the logistics of your trip including air travel, trains, cultural outings, and more. In addition, she has lived in Aix and knows the city and Jill’s workshops well. You may contact Elizabeth at e.new@frenchaffaires.com or 214-232-5344.

Other Details

You will not need a car. Transportation to and from your lodgings, as well as to the various paintings sites, is included in the workshop cost. Your evenings and shopping time in Aix will be on foot.

L’Atelier Abeille Jill’s studio and home-base for the workshop, is located 6 kilometers south of Aix-en-Provence in the Aix countryside.

Marseilles is the closest airport. It is called Marseilles Provence International Airport, and is just 20 minutes from Aix. There is a bus service to Aix every 15 minutes, but Jill will be glad to meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodations.

Other travel options:
Flying to Nice and taking the bus to Aix, which leaves from the airport, is a two-hour bus ride.

The TGV (Train de Grand Vitesse) from Paris to the Aix TGV train station is a three-hour train ride and a good way to see all of France’s countryside. The Aix TGV station is 15 minutes from Aix and from Jill’s house. Jill will meet you at the TGV station and take you to your lodgings.

Each participant will be provided with an easel, canvases, brushes, a palette, oil paints and other painting supplies, for the duration of the workshop (the cost of which is included in the workshop price). Below is a list that will give you an idea of what you will be using with during the workshop. You may want to refer to this list upon your return, should you wish to purchase similar supplies.

  • Tubes of oil paint (Jill uses Rembrandt paints):
    – Mixed White — Titanium & Zinc White (40ml or 150ml size tube)
    – Cobalt Blue Deep (40ml) or Ultramarine Deep (40ml)
    – Prussian Blue (40ml)
    – Manganese Blue Phtalo (40ml) or Madder Lake with Quinacridone Rose (40ml)
    – Permanent Lemon Yellow (40ml)
    – Naples Yellow Deep or Light (40ml)
    – Cadmium Yellow Deep (40ml)
    – Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Rose or Permanent Rose (40ml)
    – Cadmium Red Medium (40ml)
    – Raw Sienna (40ml)
    – Paul Veronese Green (small tube)
    – Cadmium Orange or Permanent Orange(40ml)
  • A painting knife (thin and not too long & not in plastic) (suggestion : ASW No. 93-6516 #17T or ASW No. 93-6513 #4T)
  • A few paint brushes (3 or 4 of different sizes — a small round pointed one, a medium size round one & a medium size flat one)
  • A nickel plated palette cup with lid to hold your medium (largest size)
  • A small bottle of Poppy Seed Oil
  • 7 or 8 canvases (your choice: stretched canvas (16″ x 20″ & 12″ x 16″ are good sizes), canvas board or on gesso-ed boards or a tablet of canvas paper (10 sheets); the size is up to you
  • A Tupperware box to hold all the paint tubes
  • A tube (handmade is fine) for holding the brushes for protection when travelling
  • turpentine & paper towels & turpentine jars
  • a portable landscape easel & a white palette
  • a straw basket to hold all supplies


Including any entry fees to see the Cezanne studio and Van Gogh’s bedroom, etc.

You have to book your own lodging (hotel, Airbnb …). 
You have to bring your own supplies (canvases, paints & brushes). Easel, palette & solvents are provided with no cost.

Including the workshop, 8 night’s accommodations, ground transportation, art supplies and at least one meal a day.

Workshop: $2700.00.

Lodging:  $1200.00. For the 8 days in private very high-end apartments in centre-ville Aix (all with air conditioner). Transportation and 1 or 2 meals per day included.
I can send you details and photos of the apartments on demand.

Art Supplies: $300.00. Including everything – easel, palette, paints, brushes & palette knife, solvents, 10 to 12 linen canvases, drawing materials and a tablet – plus the shipping of the canvases home after they dry.

To reserve a place in the workshop, a deposit of $1,000 per person is required.


May and July workshops
Deposit Due Feb. 1st
Balance Due April 1st

September workshop
Deposit Due June 1st
Balance Due August 1st

From 90 or more days prior to workshop start date:
All sums paid will be refunded. No cancellation fee.
From 60 to 30 days prior to workshop start date: Sums paid will be refunded, minus a $250 cancellation fee.
Fewer than 30 days prior to workshop start date: Sums paid will be refunded, minus a $1,000 cancellation fee.

“Thank you so much for all the treasures you have opened up to me. I feel connected to a part of myself and my perception that I have never known.”
“The past week was truly
a life changing time for me...
I feel that I have come
away with so much more than I ever thought I would.”

“Your message to fully engage the senses, disengage the intellect,
and strive to become one with nature was transforming to me.”

“I am inspired
every single day
by a memory
of my week with you.”