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“Wintertime painting is perhaps when my soul has its strongest expression. In all other seasons we are caught by the surface beauty that could be an obstacle to understanding that which is invisible. Whereas in winter, one can see the inner bones of nature; its structure in the bare trees that allows us to see that which is beyond them – into infinity.

Winter awakens compassion as we meet with our own soul in that austere time of year and search for Truth, and search for the true meaning of our lives. The wind and cold penetrate our being to the point that our souls are stripped down to the essence of the present moment. A clear lucidity of life and wisdom emerges. Creating has to do with the soul. May my soul touch yours.”

Jill Steenhuis —

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Online Workshop
Join Jill Steenhuis for this 2 and a half day online painting workshop. You will learn to mix an impressionist palette in the way of the great masters, tap into your creative energy, and experience drawing, still life and plein air landscape painting.
Oil Painting Workshops in Aix-en-Provence
An immersive art experience and journey in the heart of Provence, guided by Jill Steenhuis, who has been living and painting in the south of France for over 40 years.

Meet Jill at a Show

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Provence Workshops

Discover the magic of painting in Provence during a week-long oil painting workshop. 

You will be guided by Jill, who has been living and painting in the landscapes of Provence for over 40 years. This is a truly immersive art experience in which you will live like a local and paint from some of the best spots Provence has to offer.

USA Workshops

2-Day Oil Painting Workshops – All Levels Welcome

The workshop will concentrate on color theory, oil painting techniques and the creative process. You will learn how to mix a harmonious palette with a broad range of colors. 

Online Workshops

Online Course - 2.5 Days Live Instruction — All Levels Welcome

You will learn how to mix a harmonious palette with a broad range of colors, gain insights into the process of painting and complete 2-3 of your own oil paintings.

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2022 Calendar
A Year in Provence with Jill Steenhuis
A documentary Film about the Artist and it's Creative Process Jill Steenhuis
An Artist's Journey from America to Provence

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My online painting workshops

One of my favorite new experiences has been connecting with people to paint together virtually. Over the past two years I have been working to improve my online classes, and today I am pleased to offer a course that includes video tutorials and ten hours of live instruction and art critique. Now people can come join me in my studio and paint with me from anywhere in the world!
From France to Atlanta, to Texas... and back! On this five-city tour, Jill Steenhuis, her sons Sergio, Jimmy were hosted for art receptions, film screenings, painting workshops and keynote lectures. The tour featured recent works by the artists including oil paintings, lithographs, silks, metal sculptures, jewelry and a full-length documentary.

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