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Irises Stand Tall In The Wind, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 24″x36″

Creative process —

In my painting, the catalyst is nature. Being immersed in it, my soul is moved to create. A multitude of elements envelope my being, embrace me, enter my soul. Through this act of painting, my soul engages in a dialogue with nature.
The mystery is before me. Silence: I must enter the realm of silence. Listen: not to pre-conceived notions, not to voices of the to-do list, but to the sounds of the reeds swishing together in the breeze. Smell the earth, notice the movement, like brush strokes zigzagging across the page of sky and earth in a calligraphy that shows the way to my soul.
I must render, not state; suggest, not complete; remain sensual, not intellectual; pure, not literal; courageous, not safe; and never misuse the powers I have been given.

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Fall Tour 2021

Come meet Jill during her fall tour featuring recent works from the South of France by Jill Steenhuis & Sergio Ruffato, and a documentary by James Ruffato.


OCTOBER 11-12┃Huntsville, AL
OCTOBER 14-15┃Fort Worth, TX
OCTOBER 19-20┃Dallas, TX
OCTOBER 26-28┃Chattanooga, TN
OCTOBER 31┃Amelia Island, FL