Lithography Process

The historic method of lithography is kept alive in the Atelier L’Abeille. Watch as Jill’s son uses the 1880’s era press to print Jill’s images directly from the stones.

Le Pistachier - Painting Demonstration

Discover the serenity of the Château Noir where Cézanne had his studio in the late 19th century. Jill has set up her easel in the courtyard. Watch as she paints the famous Pistachio tree.

Maison Maria - Painting Demonstration

Enter the Provençal landscape and watch as Jill captures the essence of the Maison Maria – a motif dear to Cézanne.

Rendering Poetry on Canvas - Painting Workshop

Eavesdrop as Jill starts a painting workshop in her art studio. Day one includes the study of color, learning to mix a palette, drawing exercises, and a painting demo by Jill, followed by your own first painting of the week.

La Prévoté Exhibit 2017

Feel the buzz from the opening night reception of the Steenhuis/Ruffato family’s annual show in Aix at the elegant Galerie La Prevote.

La Prévoté Exhibit 2016

For those who missed this year’s Steenhuis/Ruffato exhibit at the prestigious venue “La Prévoté” in Aix-en-Provence, here’s a glimpse.

La Prévoté Exhibit 2015

2015 was an exceptional vintage at the Prévoté! Jill’s paintings resonated opposite sculptures glowing from within by Serge and Sergio Ruffato. If you missed the exhibit – don’t miss this video!