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Voila, my new website!

Have you heard the news? We have undertaken a huge oeuvre this year: an updated website for Art in Provence! This time our canvas was digital and the final work can be seen by tout le monde. We are so excited for everyone to explore the new site and keep up to date on the current events and new works. So, I am offering a giveaway for three lucky subscribers on my new page.

On the homepage you will see a pop-up where you can leave your name and email address. Once you have submitted it, check your inbox for a link to confirm your subscription. That is all you have to do! We will be sending a notification to the three winners by April 1st. Tell you family and your friends (and if they win they will owe you a work of art!)

Check out the new website features. We are thrilled that the new website contains large format images and an enhanced gallery for viewing Jill’s recent works, an integrated blog, a secured online payment system, and a search engine that allows viewers to quickly access works in their preferred style and format.