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8. Letter to Daddy (March 2, 1984)

Excerpt from a letter written by Jill to her father (March 2, 1984)

Monday I went out and painted a group of workers putting in new pipes on the Cours Sextius with the Platane trees lined up on the left and buildings on the right overlooking the street. This is the first time I have tried to paint in oil in town. The motif was very difficult, but I loved it. I need to do several to get used to it.

Street Workers and Pipes on Cours Sextius, 1984

But since Monday it has been raining so I have been going to my studio to work. Yesterday I collected sticks and some dry wood around the Château and brought it all back to my studio and had a magnificent fire in my wood burning stove. I was warm and cozy inside as it continued to rain all day outside. I painted a colorful still life of a vase of flowers with three apples on the table beside the vase.


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