6. Art Mentors

Samuel Bjorklund taught Jill to always draw, focusing on the process rather than the outcome. François de Asis challenged Jill to paint quickly in order to achieve a spontaneous, fresh and authentic brushstroke. Both artists inspired Jill in her artistic journey and helped shape her into the artist she is today.

5. Finding My Way

Jill recounts some of the challenges and doubts that she was confronted with as she charted her course as a full-time artist. She describes her determination, discipline, but above all her blind faith – trusting her insticts that the path she was on was guiding her to exactly where she needed to be.

3. Early Shows

Paving the path back to Atlanta from Provence: through family friends and art lovers, Jill starts showing and selling her work.

2. Artist, Newlywed and Young Mother

After Jill’s two-year hiatus from oil painting in order to focus on drawing and watercolor, she picked up her oil paints again, and started an entirely new chapter of her life as a newlywed and young mother.