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Almond Blossoms

Almond blossoms at l’Abeille – photo credit Jimmy Ruffato

For the Samurai, it is the fragile cherry blossom that has been chosen as their truest symbol. I understand this.

For me, today it is the almond blossom: a petal dropping in the morning sunlight and floating in its own path to the earth.

In the same way so must I detach myself from life, silent and unmoved. “I shall not want” and the miracle comes as an epiphany.

The gift of new creation is moitié humain, moitié divin: half human, half divine.

Becoming the almond blossom

Celebrating the almond blossom in a painting immortalises the fragile blossom, reminding us of how precious life is. I see the blossoms; I contemplate the path of the petals as they leave the branches and become part of the sky. Each petal is free, transported by the wind to a destiny not known, not planned, in the hands of the Holy Spirit. I shall not want, I say to myself. I paint. I become the almond blossom. I celebrate. And then the earth receives the petals. It was so short, but it is not over. The almond will come.





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