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Home Sweet Home!

She is happiest, queen or peasant (or artist), who finds her happiness at home. – Goethe (Adaptation)

Back From My Fall Tour

How good it is to be home after the whirlwind tour of shows. But oh how I loved the whirlwind! The joy and peace of the sanctuary of home is always greatest when you have enough contrast by which to measure it.

From Atlanta to San Antonio to NOLA, by way of Fredericksburg, TX; Winter Park Florida to Birmingham – Home – Jackson, WY to Hamilton, MT to Greenwich, CT and down the map Darien, Basking Ridge, NJ, Philadelphia, Richmond, VA, Charlotte, NC, Columbus, GA to Newnan, GA, my team held up through the thick and the thin. We ended with our hearts full, knowing that we are doing what we are meant to do, fulfilling our raison d’etre. Know that what you gave us with your presence and generous spirits carried us along with courage and energy. We are grateful.

What a joy to find myself home, welcomed with a note from my neighbors, delivered in the tail of my horse. To see Sergio’s new creation of a family – drawing in metal to convey the love of a family. Reminding ourselves of the phenomenon of birth and life in the image of Simeon holding the newborn Christ before he departs this world.

May your creative spirit soar, allowing all your colors to give birth to the light, during this season where we celebrate birth and renewal.






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  1. Hi Jill and your wonderful Family. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2019 ☃️❄️ Good wishes from Gerhard and Cherie

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