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Lavender in July

SWEET LAVENDER DREAMS —  In the heat of July the lavender blooms, releasing the scent that has become the signature of Provence. Around every hill town and village, landscapes are swathed in rows and rows of purple fields. The dry dusty ground peeks through neat lines of lavender plants, humming with the sound of bees and gently waving with the summer breeze.


The Lavender craze

Lavender has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region for at least 2500 years, after being imported from Persia. It thrives in the dry, sunny, Provencal summer days. Long know for it’s medicinal qualities, Lavender, or Lavandula, gets it’s name from the Latin lavare, meaning to wash. The oils from lavender blossoms are used for cleaning and disinfecting products, perfume, insect repellent, aromatherapy, healing sunburns and insect bites and treating migraines. Dried lavender is also useful as a sleep aid, for keeping moths out of closets, and for freshening up the linen cabinet.

A life-long dream

Every summer Jill takes her July workshop as well as private students to paint the lavender fields that surround Aix. For many people, just seeing the fields in person is a dream come true. Experiencing the beauty of the landscape and portraying that on canvas is a magical experience that stays with you for a lifetime.


We came upon the field and everyone fell silent in the same moment as we dove into the painting session. It was a very calming and beautiful experience. – Kirsten

Being able to be on the high spot in Bonnieux and pick out the field we wanted to paint was incredible. The smell, the views, the experience, incredible. – Marjorie



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