Our Summer Baby

July 19, 2018

NEW GIRL IN THE STUDIO —  Introducing our new kitten, Ocha! She’s been with us for ten days now and has settled in to life in the studio very well. She plays at our feet and falls asleep like a baby when she’s being held. Fortunately, we had a smooth transition moving her in because she was accompanied the first night chez nous by her brother Oscar.


About The Name

In France pets are named using the letter chosen for their birth year. This year the chosen letter is “O.” We began to brainstorm girl names that started with an O but I just knew that Serge would immediately use his preferred pet name (pun intended), “Chat Chat” for the kitten. So we settled on Ocha – it follows the custom but already fits the built in nickname.

Baby Steps

We are hoping that Ocha and our dog Laska will be friends eventually, but right now Ocha just eyes Laska nervously. Laska of course is eager to play and waits on the threshold in case Ocha wants to venture outside. But with all the comings and goings in our house, Ocha has had a lot of other activity to preoccupy her. Her number one fan is little Chloe, visiting us from Georgia with her family.


I’ll be painting Ocha soon enough, stay tuned!



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