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Alley of Trees in St. Remy

post-alley-of-st-remyThis summer, Jill’s workshop participants painted in St. Rémy de Provence following in the footsteps of Van Gogh, who spent one year in the St. Paul asylum in St. Rémy from 1889 to 1890. That year was probably the most difficult of his entire life, although it would prove to be one of his most creative as an artist.

Inspiration came to workshop participants as they spent an afternoon of plein-air painting with Jill, who captured the soul of the Château des Alpilles with its tree-lined entrance. Legend has it that this imposing manor-house was built on the property of a 13th century knight. Truly inspirational!

Chateau des Alpilles, St Remy de Provence; 2016;
Oil on Linen; 24″ x 20″

Are you ready for a unique experience? Join Jill for a plein-air workshop! During a hands-on week of oil painting, you’ll discover various motifs including Provençal landscapes, village architecture, outdoor markets, still-lives and more, while working on composition, brush strokes and mastering the harmony of colors.  

For more info on Jill’s plein-air workshops in Provence  click here.