Summer workshops in Provence

July 21, 2023

Comments from workshoppers say it all… and images are worth a thousand words!


I came here to Provence in need and want of art inspiration and you delivered. I was frustrated at times but I feel like it was such a learning experience for me. Growth is difficult. I have my own mountain to climb. I want to take back with me your joy, spontaneity and inspiration to further me in my art journey.

– Karen Carlton

You have opened my senses beyond my imagination.

– Jodi Morgan

Your passion shines through and inspires me. Truly an experience of a lifetime.

– Serena Barry

Thank you Jill for another amazing week. I will take back all the things I’ve learned to continue to climb the mountain and find my blue peninsula. Thank you for all you do and most of all for being the one who told me that I could do this.

– Linda Quirk

How can I thank you? Your inspiration, fearlessness and courage helped me all week. What a fun group of girls to create with. Thank you for pushing me all week.

– Anne Woolley

You were right Jill, it was fast-paced and exhausting for that matter but I wouldn’t change one thing. Just as important or maybe more than the technical instruction we received was the spiritual aspect of the week. It was a time of growth for me and I began to think of His creation and my paintings in a new way. I loved all the women I met.

– Sally Lawson

Meeting and learning with our artist group was important. Supporting each other and working together as a team was a special part of the workshop.

– Julia F. McKinley

This trip was a bucket list item for me. At the end, I felt like my bucket had runneth over!!!!! Everything was wonderful.

– Jane Short

The week was so much more than an 8 day “painting workshop”. It was a cultural, spiritual, and life-changing experience chock-full of history, art appreciation, architecture, humanity, and daily, fun-filled experiences.

– Ella Jane Putnam

I love how Jill and Serge show their love and passion for life. They truly love welcoming us in to their home. I learned so much about love, relationships and family this past week from them. And that was just a crumb of what I learned. I learned about myself through the paint. I feel I became everything that Jill hoped for me through her workshop. She truly has amour de la vie (love of life) and her students, friends and family are truly blessed to know and experience Jill.

– Susan Dowling

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