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January 21, 2022

Meeting people virtually has been one of my favorite new experiences of the past two years. I find it incredible to be able to connect in a real way with people and to share time together while being physically separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. Until recently, I would never have imagined teaching painting online. The notion felt truly daunting to me at the start, but I am now pleased to be able to share my passion for painting, to teach how I mix my palette and to explain my creative process as I paint with people from any corner of the world!

My first online painting workshop came into being as a consequence of the cancellation of my fall 2020 tour. A group of women who were signed up for my workshop in Amelia Island, Florida had the bold idea to shift to a virtual workshop. They gathered in several different homes, set up their easels, palettes, paints, brushes — and screens, and voilà! We were all together though far apart. It was a huge success and a true learning experience for all of us! (One of the participants made a wonderful video that captured the essence of the workshop).

After the success of this first workshop, I decided that I would continue to offer online workshops while improving with each new experience. My filmmaker son Jimmy jumped on board to create several tutorial videos to help participants deepen and extend their learning experience beyond the week-long course. Tutorial topics include how I mix my palette, an overview of the equipment and supplies I use, and guidelines for sketching. The online course package also includes various readings and art notes that I use throughout the course. The package also includes viewing access to the Painting the Invisible documentary

I hope to continue virtually inviting people into my studio, having meaningful connections and creative experiences through art.

To learn more about my online workshops, visit the workshops page of my website.


Participants Comments

It’s just such a wonderful experience. I not only learned from Jill, but from the other participants as well.


I really enjoyed this online workshop! It gave us a great impression of being in Provence with Jill in her beautiful surroundings.


I needed a kickstart to
start painting again.


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