November 20, 2022

Every tour is a divine puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle is unique in its shape and function. All pieces are essential. The way they fit together to form the masterpiece puzzle is orchestrated by the Divine. Not one piece is missing. The coming together of all the pieces, each one unique, valid, and essential, is beyond my doing. The complete puzzle is greater than the sum of its pieces. My gratitude is immense.

This time, my tour included over 3,000 miles on the road, 50 hours of driving, countless hours of planning and preparation brought me to six different cities. We started in North Carolina with stops in Raleigh & Charlotte then on to Spartanburg, South Carolina. From there we headed west to Dallas, Texas, then down to Monroe, Louisiana and back to Ball Ground, Georgia. Events included luncheons, artist talks, art receptions, painting demonstrations, oil painting workshops and Sweet Briar college alumnae gatherings. Each stop was unique, meaningful and filled my heart to the brim with joy and purpose.

Along with my gratitude comes an awareness of the Presence of the One who sent me out into the world. The love that abounds at every venue is evident of His presence. I am immensley thankful for my incredible team, for my sons Sergio and Jimmy, for the generosity and kindness of the hosts for each show and for all of those who came to meet me at an event. Your enthusiasm, courage and faith and hours of volunteer work to make it happen are monumental. The tours are an essential part of my life and my raison d’être – the extraordinary happening in my life for the past 31 years on the road far away from my home every six months. The love that is exchanged throughout the tour through the language of art, the altruistic giving of all committed to make it happen, makes for a poignant journey. I am never alone. I am never tired. I am held up by wings.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this journey. Your enthusiasm, support and friendship mean the world to me.

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