2023 Spring Tour Recap

May 5, 2023

I am home now, mixing my colors. As I mix, I think of you. Each color is a note to be added to my piano of colors on my palette. Like magic, two or three colors come together and make a new color. The Prussian blue melts into the Cadmium Yellow and before my eyes a rich cypress tree color emerges and calls for red, making it more organic. The mixing opens my spirit, allowing my heart and soul to wander and reflect on where I have just been for my spring tour.

One by one each one of you is brought forth in my thoughts and a smile emerges. My spirit is full. You have given me more than you know. The colors begin to inspire me, your energy is still with me, and nature is beckoning: the birds’ chants “wake up”, “paint me”, “tee, tee, tee, ddddddaa….”, the redbud, the lilacs and the irises, contrasting with the yellows and the white hawthorn – all catalysts for waking up my inner poetry. Hope abounds and a true yearning to paint the invisible is what I am seeking.

Painting the invisible is to have in my brush strokes all that I received from you: your voices, your love, your compassion, the gift of your spirit. Thank you for welcoming me (us), for letting the art be viewed and for entering into the art with your own poetic reaction to complete the dance between nature, the artist and the viewer. We are so grateful. It gives meaning and purpose to our journey.

Reading through my guestbook gives me time to recall each one of you. You are now in my book, which reminds me of how we are written in God’s Book of Life. In my book your entry was not preordained, or was it? In a way I believe that the hand of Destiny orchestrated our coming together. Thank you for the gift of your presence.

Returning home and being reunited with my family was a true blessing, made more poignant by seeing Sergio, who as many of you know had fallen ill and was not able to be with us on the tour. He is recovering rapidly and is very grateful for all the prayers from so many. Little by little he is returning to his work and his activities and for this we are infinitely grateful.


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