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Brochier Soieries Silk Steenhuis


It all started 17 years ago when I bought my first Van Gogh silk scarf of the Irises from the Musee d’Orsay shop. I was always disappointed with the postcards and posters of the great master works. The reproductions were so poor, never like the painting I had just seen. Then I discovered the silk scarves with the vibrant colors and the noble elegance of the silk, it was like a new art, not a reproduction, but something that existed on its own. The new art had a new purpose – one that became a part of me.


Brochier Soieries Printing Silk Jill Steenhuis


One day I was looking in my closet at my scarf collection to pick out the perfect complement to my dress for the elegant soirée. There was none. But in my studio hung a painting I knew would be perfect if only it was a silk scarf and not oil on canvas. The idea was born. Many years passed. Last year my son Alexander put the wheels in motion to help me finally make it a reality. He researched and found the very factory, Brochier Soieries that makes the silk collection for the museums of France, including the Van Gogh scarf I had worn for so many years. Off we went to Lyon in June to begin this new venture.


Brochier Soieries Alexander Silk Samples Steenhuis


Brochier Soieries is a family business that has been in operation since 1890. Their artisans still create fabrics using the traditional silk printing methods. We were privileged to spend time with them, learning about the process and techniques involved in hand mixing dyes and printing the designs onto the silk fabrics. Our glimpse behind the scenes paved the way for a collaboration with Brochier Soieries to select a sample of my works that would best translate to silk.


Brochier Soieries Jill Steenhuis Mixing Dye


And now the collection is here ready to share with you. It is a new art, one of elegance and warmth, of color and vibrancy. And the best thing is that it is a link between me and you. And that makes me happy. Through the silk our spirits come together to make a new art that is lived and shared. So, voila!


Jill Steenhuis Silk Scarf


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