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To my dear family & friends - May your journey into 2024 be full of creativity, renewal and love // Chers Amis - Que votre voyage en 2024 soit placé sous le signe de la créativité, du renouveau et de l'amour.
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Art & Inspiration, Creative Process, Nature, New Works
Jill unfolds her recent meditations on the practice of receiving and being silent.
40 Years in France
Paving the path back to Atlanta from Provence: through family friends and art lovers, Jill starts showing and selling her work.
40 Years in France
After Jill's two-year hiatus from oil painting in order to focus on drawing and watercolor, she picked up her oil paints again, and started an entirely new chapter of her life as a newlywed and young mother.
40 Years in France
As a way of celebrating her 40 years of living in Provence, Jill is publishing a series of blog posts in which she highlights significant and memorable moments in her journey.
Life in France, Nature, News
Jill sends her warmest greetings for 2020 as she enters her 40th year of living in Provence. She reflects on her artistic pilgrimmage and life journey as an American living in France. She also shares some of the highlights of the past year and mentions some of her upcoming events in 2020.
Creative Process, New Works, News
Jill, Sergio and crew swept through New England and made their way down South on their most recent tour. The tour included several art shows, talks and workshops, a documentary screening preview on Jill, and a plein air art competition.
Exhibits, Nature, New Works, News, Workshops
This summer Jill ventured out to the American West, in the heart of the the Rocky Mountains where she and Sergio gave art shows in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.
Creative Process, Life in France, Nature, News, Workshops
This summer May, July and September, Jill hosted artists in her 8-day oil-painting workshops. The groups journeyed throughout Provence, to Cézanne's art studio, followed in the footsteps of Van Gogh in Saint-Rémy and captured local scenes on canvas (port of Cassis, market in Aix), and more!
Art & Inspiration, Life in France, Nature, New Works
The delicate and exquisite beauty of the almond blossom bears a poetic reminder of greater truths. Jill captures a few of these thoughts as she crafts her palette and is inspired by these lovely flowers and the graces of this season.
Creative Process, New Works, News
The "buzz" around here is that Sergio's first public art commission was recently inaugurated as part of the “Euroméditérrannée” urban renewal project in the La Joliette neighborhood of Marseille.
Life in France, Nature
As the New Year begins, I wish you all a year of renewal and time to be silent, time to go outside and to walk to restore your spirit. The question is not “How can I be happy?” but rather “How can I be free?”
Creative Process
Who was Leo Marchutz, this Franco-German painter and lithographer  who died in 1976 -  four years before my arrival in Aix?
Life in France
How good it is to be home after a whirlwind tour of art shows in America.
Creative Process, Life in France, Nature, Workshops
In the heat of July, Provence is colored in shades of purple as the lavender flowers bloom, releasing their sweet, heady scent.
Life in France, Nature
Meet Ocha - our new kitten and the new girl in the studio!
Creative Process, Exhibits
ON TOUR THIS SUMMER  —  International sculptor, Sergio Ruffato, and French based, Atlanta-born painter, Jill Steenhuis, will be showing an exceptional selection of artwork, including metal sculptures, oil paintings, and lithographs in Wilson, Wyoming from August 2-4, and in Hamilton, Montana on August 7th and 8th.
Creative Process, Life in France, Nature, Workshops
SPRINGTIME IN PROVENCE — An unusually rainy spring led to more bountiful flowers in the landscape for my two oil-painting workshops in May. In spite of some rainy days, we journeyed out en plein air to experience nature and allow our inner poetry to emerge on the canvas.
Exhibits, Life in France, New Works, Press & Publications
Exhibits, New Works, Press & Publications
Creative Process, Life in France, Nature
Exhibits, Press & Publications
From January 29-February 15, 2018, the Salmagundi Club in New York will be showing Jill's lithograph “The Sower Went Forth to Sow” in their competitive Printmaking Exhibition.
Share your passion of art by organizing an event of Jill's work. Sound daunting? It's not! Here's how in five steps.
Creative Process, Nature, Workshops
Creative Process, Nature, Workshops
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